Let Salesforce drive revenue, not costs.

Information is key. With a complete overview of your Salesforce estate, you can dramatically improve your Salesforce cost-benefit ratio. Get more for less. Here are the top 5 benefits:

  • Reduce your license demand
    Deactivate unused accounts, analyze inactivity hotspots, and monitor unexpected consumption and over-limit charges.
  • Reduce your purchases
    Get the full view of your license inventory to avoid unnecessary purchasing and keep costs down.
  • Monitor account costs
    View all Salesforce Orgs together - instead of just one Org at a time - to see the full picture of your company's costs for account-based licenses and total consumption across Orgs.
  • Monitor storage costs
    LicenseControl shows how close you are to the storage allowed by your contract, so you can avoid charges when your data or files go over the limits.
  • Protect user data
    LicenseControl isolates the customer’s cloud data and stores it by geographical region, which can help maintain compliance with local data protection laws.