Secure your Microsoft home field advantage

When it comes to managing your Microsoft licensing, a clear view of your Microsoft landscape gives you a leading edge in:

  • negotiating contracts and true-ups 
  • protecting against steep audit penalty risks
  • reducing your software spend

Get your savings snapshot – in a snap

The Rapid Vendor Analysis service is your entry-level path to reducing your Microsoft costs. Our experts deliver a report of your usage, licensing costs and compliance risks. Then they quickly show how you can save in a hassle free, risk-free analysis.

Why do a Rapid Vendor Analysis?

Know your costs. Gives you a snapshot of what you’re currently using and spending.

Prep for an audit. Prepares you to quickly measure compliance for an audit or true-up.

Share the value of SAM. Offers you a great short-term fix if there’s no budget for a full Software Asset Management program.

Get an overview of your Microsoft licensing costs and compliance risks. Talk with an expert to get started.